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skin tones studies / timelapse video by thezork
My SAI Brush Settings by thezork
Skull Heart by thezork
$10 Worldwide shipping on Rrints!!! by thezork
Poison Ivy by thezork
ivy-WIP by thezork
Lunch time Sketch… lo nuevo para el Comicon de este año :D
Fiona fanart by thezork
This has become in my lunchtime project :)
Quick break while working :)
Lunchtime Sketch..
valentines’s color collab contest!
Go To and vote for your fav.. if you want to entry the the original lines in my fb page :)..the winner will get 2 signed prints

In short: Reblogs and Likes of this picture are each entries to have me paint a personalized portrait of you.
In slightly less short: Longtime followers are no stranger to these contests but for those new to this or me, I’m an illustrator (my work: ) who has worked with National Geographic, Janelle Monáe, Childish Gambino, FX, Game Informer, Angry Birds, Wall Street Journal, among others – creating album and magazine covers, advertisements, and posters – but a big part of me being able to do all that has been you sharing my work over the last 3 years. As my small way of paying that forward, I’d like to paint for one of you as I would for my clients, but ya know … for free. Maybe you want that regal portrait of you in a velvet smoking jacket to hang over your mantel, maybe one of your loved one, favorite character, or perhaps you just want me to paint you however I see fit (warning: this will 100% involve dinosaurs) – if you can think it, I’ll probably paint it – and I’ll work with you to make it something special.
As usual I’ll also be sending signed prints and haikus about your eyebrows to extra winners. The contest will stay open for about a week then I’ll randomly draw winners. You can enter on facebook and twitter for extra entries but be cool and don’t spam your followers.
Happy Valentines! try some colors? by thezork